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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Issue #212 and Me

If you're a subscriber to the Wittenburg Door Insider, you've already sneaked a peek the cover for Wittenburg Door #212 (provided you check your email on a semi-frequent basis).

The full table of contents hasn't been released yet, so let me sneak you a peek at at least one item in the magazine. Over in the sidebar I've made mention of "Reality TV of Biblical Proportions." That's what I should have named my piece. Instead, my story appears in issue #212 as "A Brief History of Reality Programming." Which doesn't stink -- still...

Here's an excerpt:
Lorna Harkonnen, director of the Red Sea Scroll division of Strang Research Center announced the discovery of a several new scrolls in Cave 4 at Qumran at a press conference. According to Harkonnen, the find establishes that the current fascination with reality television is anything but a modern occurrence.

“These newly translated texts,” Harkonnen says, “show that interest in reality programming is as old as the ancient Hebrews themselves. They chronicle centuries of project development, though very few actual success stories.”

“For instance,” she continues, “an early version of Big Brother -- around 1930 B.C. -- was canceled when ‘little brother’ Jacob stole the show.”

Yeah, it's like that. Full page story, great illustration. (Only one page of about 50 with great stories and illustrations.)

If you're not a Door subscriber, become one. If you already are, Christmas-in-July festivities are right around the corner; order a subscription for a friend (or enemy, if they're really uptight).

Either way, don't miss this issue.

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