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Friday, June 08, 2007

Being There

Should've blogged on this yesterday, but better late than never.

The day after Memorial Day my in-laws in California gave Dina and me their very nice Toyota Camry. (Thank You!) And I spent a few days driving it back to Texas. (Thanks Jenny and family for the stop along the way!)

With summer school activity beginning today, I had a short window of opportunity to get the title and registration changed. Well, a week, but that turned out to be barely enough.

On Tuesday this week I went to the shop to get the state inspection done. Turns out I needed more specific proof of insurance before they could help me.

Got that faxed to me from our State Farm agent in Oregon.

On Wednesday I got the state inspection sticker.

On Thursday I went down to the Tax Assessors office downtown (the only place I could find online) to handle the doc changes. Got there a little after they opened at 7am. Was the only one in line. Found out I needed some additional paperwork from California.

A meltdown threatened--this was the last day to take care of the paperwork before the upcoming five weeks were swallowed from 7a-5p, and I had to wait a couple hours before calling the west coast (because that's the kind of courteous and aware of time-zone differences son-in-law I am), and as far as I knew I was looking at another trip downtown, $5 more in parking, and the distinct possibility of discovering I'd need yet more paperwork)--but I persevered. (Thanks God!)

Went back home. Waited. Had a talk with Dina. Called the coast. Got things set. Realized that maybe I should eat something. Went for a walk. Passed by a State Farm office. Remembered Oregon agent said I should stop in a local office if I needed help with registration.

So I went into Ron Sunstrom's office and talked with Kathy. Found out a) she'd be glad to let Dina's folks fax the documents there (my primary fax receiving site was closed and the alternative was Staples or the assessors office), and b) there was a tax assessors office about 5 miles away (with free parking).

So. Docs come. I go. Everything sails through.

A big thanks to Kathy at the Sunstrom office! THANKS! It's not every company (or every State Farm agent) that lives up to the corporate jingle. But like a good neighbor you were there. (Maybe I'll come over and borrow some power tools sometime.)

I'd post a link for the office, but I don't see anything online. They're located at 1332 S. Plano Rd., Ste. 110 in Richardson (near Buckingham). Phone: 972-699-8588. Email: Ron.Sunstrom.b5db -at- statefarm.com.

Thanks, again.

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2 Snarky Remarks:

It's so nice when you finally get some good service after getting the run around! I hate stuff like that. I probably would have melted down.

Here in NC they "driver's license office" is a separate place then the "license plate office." So we get to jump through extra hoops in addition to all the other fun stuff that comes with cars, property taxes, etc., etc. Ridiculous.
Blogger Elaina, at 11:13 AM  
Glad you were able to get the car registered and stuff. And it is great when you find a helpful person.

Hope your summer school stuff goes well!
Blogger lindaruth, at 8:03 AM  

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