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Friday, September 28, 2007

B Music

I finally hit the B's in my alphabetical iPod journey.

For some reason I have four versions of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" loaded.


Even in Oregon it was seldom, if ever, that cold.


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Monday, September 24, 2007

Junior Misfit

When Dina found herself in the (almost) never-ending joy that is West Texas last Friday I had to reshuffle some plans for Phil. Plan B entailed taking him with me to meet several members of my editing group -- The Misfits -- in town for the rilly big ACFW shew. So he met Heather (who has a husband named Chris) and Jenny (who has a husband name Phil) and Angie (who has a daughter Zoe, not too much younger than him). (Angie has a husband named Stan, but Phil knows her as Zoe's mom. Sorry, Jacey; you're Angie's daughter, too, but Phil doesn't know that yet.)

Here we are hanging out in the conference hotel lobby.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

How Much Does This Not Suck?

Way back in April I submitted the first 25 pages of my novel manuscript to Genesis, a first-25-pages-of-your-manuscript contest sponsored by the Association of Christian Fiction Writers.

Then in May I got word that I finaled in my category: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Allegory.

Tonight the winners were announced. I took Second Place. (Congrats to Sally Apokedak, the SF/F/A winner.) Two other members of my crit group, Angie Poole and Jennifer Cary, also placed Second in their categories. We got certificates and got to walk across the stage, but we didn't have to make speeches. Second is the new First as far as we're concerned.

Congrats also to fellow Misfit (our crit group is The Misfits) Mich Pendergrass, who has been accepted to next Spring's Pen to Press retreat in New Orleans. And to Heather Goodman who took my author photo (above); it was the highlight of the awards banquet and got a "that's a great photo" comment from Camy Tang, who presented the Genesis Awards.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

What's 5,000 Songs Sound Like?

That's how many tracks I have on my iPod. 4991, to be more precise. Last week I started listening to them in order -- alphabetically by artist, until I hit the Air Supply block.

I've since switched to alphabetically by title. I'm up to #22, "A Legal Matter" by The Who.

Should I make it through everything I'll hit "Zoot Suit Riot" in 13 days, 20 hours, and just under 12 minutes.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

My New Favorite Book

Had a day on the town with Phil today. Hit Evan Almighty at the dollar theater (good flick), then drove down to Half Price Books. Picked up Comma Sutra for $4, but the book I went in after wasn't there (not surprising since it's relatively new).

After a trip to the mall we stopped at Barnes & Noble, and on the the way to reference section I grabbed a copy of Tony Hines' The Dead Whisper On. Couldn't find what I was looking for at B&N, either, not that Tony's book isn't a fine piece of fiction. Checked with customer service and they said it should be on the shelf. Tried again and there it was.


The Yo Momma Vocabulary Builder.

I'm hoping to make vocab studying more enjoyable for my students -- last week's look up words and write sentences wasn't the high point of anyone's week. And while my favorite example from the book, "Yo Momma's so taciturn she makes Calvin Coolidge look like Rutherford B. Hayes," probably won't be a class favorite, I'm hoping the concept will be a big hit.

Some examples I'll probably model based on current and last week's words:We'll see how it goes...

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Say Hey, Seychelles -- Half the World

A guest from Seychelles stopped by yesterday morning, visiting a link to this picture. That brings my visited-from countries list up to 112, whcih World66 identifies as 50% of the world's nations.

Here's what that looks like.


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"Moonshot" Review

Tangent Online has published a review my short story, "Moonshot."

Thanks, Tangent!


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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Things Kids Learn In School These Days

Philip came home from school the other day with the ability to produce armpit farts. Since then he's practiced every day and is approaching mastery level.

Don't know if this bodes well for him learning a musical instrument or not. Since the only one that plays using the inside part of the arm is the bagpipe we may be in trouble either way.

He's doing well in his actual classwork, too.


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Monday, September 10, 2007

Star Wars Meme

Mich asked the following questions over on her blog, trying to unravel the mystery that is Star Ware preference:
1. What year were you born?

2. Are are male or female?

3. Which do you like better, the Original Trilogy or the Prequel Trilogy?

4. Why?

5. Which is your single most favorite Star Wars episode?

6. Why?

My answers:
1. 1968

2. Male

3. The original Original Trilogy. Not the revisionist re-releases.

4. Han Shoots First

5. Star Wars. Not Episode IV. Not "A New Hope." The first Star Wars movie will always be, simply, Star Wars.

6. Han Shoots First. (Actually, if there was a version that restored the original Mos Eisley footage and kept the rest of the redo stuff -- so no hokey alien antics on the streets, no Han not shooting first, no Jabba -- it would be okeydoke by me. Though as-is is plenty good, too.)

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

It's Like a Carnival in Your Mouth

While out and about today Phil and I stopped at a 7-11 for a Slurpee and wound up picking up a bag of "Carnival-flavored" Skittles. Fortunately they skipped the freakshow and animal cages and went for cotton candy, bubble gum, candy apple, red licorice, and green slushy (btw the Austrailian flavors listed on the linked Wikipedia page sound even awesomer). Candy apple and red licorice are my favorites.

In other news, we got cable today. Phil's excited about Boomerang, I'm excited about cable internet (though we might be roughing-it without wi-fi for a couple weeks until our router arrives from Oregon).

And I've got the living room in the apartment mostly unpacked and assembled (at least for a couple weeks until Dina arrives--with the wi-fi router--from Oregon and the remodeling begins).


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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

For Those Keeping Score

Yesterday was me 'n Dina's 19th anniversary.

This morning, as Dina was driving me to work (we're at one car now until Dina retrieves the Subaru from Oregon), this track shuffled to the top on my iPod:
Our Night to Howl, Time to Go Dancing
from the album "Songs of the Heart"

Our night to howl, time to go dancing
Brush your hair, clean your dentures
It's time for new adventures
My toupee's on and I'm ready for romancing
Come on pretty baby, let's go a little crazy

Our night to howl, time to go dancing
Ain't nothing we can't handle,
Let's create a little scandal
Don't look surprised dear, all I'm 'askin'--
Are you game to take a chance
And put the ants back in our pants?

Maybe... win a ribbon when we cut the rug?
Do the 'nasty nellie' of the 'jitterbug'?
Skinny dip in Springfield
Pull a heist in Edwardsville?
Moon a cop, count the stars,
Put the kids back in the will?

The cows come home
when I see you in your moo-moo
You're the apple in my strudel,
The kit in my kaboodle
It's time to shift some gears,
Get our engines out of neutral--
Give the wheel a spin
Throw all caution to the wind

Our night to howl, time to go dancing
Turn up our hearing aids
And spike the lemonade
Pretend I'm filthy rich, young, and handsome
We'll ignore all convention,
Release some hot conviction

The hour's late and the time is holy
You're still my girl
My one and only

Whistling passed the graveyard
I think we're safe for now
And as long as we're not helpless, baby
Let's help ourselves to everything,
Everything that God allows

We'll teach those young punks
Just what class is
Honey, you still
Fog my glasses

Our night to howl, time to go dancing
Our night to howl, time to go dancing...

Words by Terry Taylor
Music by Daniel Amos
©1995 Twitchen Vibes Music (ASCAP)

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