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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

For Those Keeping Score

Yesterday was me 'n Dina's 19th anniversary.

This morning, as Dina was driving me to work (we're at one car now until Dina retrieves the Subaru from Oregon), this track shuffled to the top on my iPod:
Our Night to Howl, Time to Go Dancing
from the album "Songs of the Heart"

Our night to howl, time to go dancing
Brush your hair, clean your dentures
It's time for new adventures
My toupee's on and I'm ready for romancing
Come on pretty baby, let's go a little crazy

Our night to howl, time to go dancing
Ain't nothing we can't handle,
Let's create a little scandal
Don't look surprised dear, all I'm 'askin'--
Are you game to take a chance
And put the ants back in our pants?

Maybe... win a ribbon when we cut the rug?
Do the 'nasty nellie' of the 'jitterbug'?
Skinny dip in Springfield
Pull a heist in Edwardsville?
Moon a cop, count the stars,
Put the kids back in the will?

The cows come home
when I see you in your moo-moo
You're the apple in my strudel,
The kit in my kaboodle
It's time to shift some gears,
Get our engines out of neutral--
Give the wheel a spin
Throw all caution to the wind

Our night to howl, time to go dancing
Turn up our hearing aids
And spike the lemonade
Pretend I'm filthy rich, young, and handsome
We'll ignore all convention,
Release some hot conviction

The hour's late and the time is holy
You're still my girl
My one and only

Whistling passed the graveyard
I think we're safe for now
And as long as we're not helpless, baby
Let's help ourselves to everything,
Everything that God allows

We'll teach those young punks
Just what class is
Honey, you still
Fog my glasses

Our night to howl, time to go dancing
Our night to howl, time to go dancing...

Words by Terry Taylor
Music by Daniel Amos
©1995 Twitchen Vibes Music (ASCAP)


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Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a howlin' good time. ;)
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