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Friday, August 10, 2007

Coach Culbertson's Baadasssss Anthology

Last week on the Misfits blog I wrote about the importance of fans of a genre being in the best position to critique that genre. (If, for instance, you're not a fan of Fantasy, a harsh review from you on the Lord of the Rings trilogy would be of less use than an equally harsh review from a fan of the books -- clearly, that's a hypothetical example; who couldn't love the Rings trilogy?)

So it's a double encouragement to have seen Nickolaus Pacione's review of Coach's Midnight Diner. Pacione is a horror fan and has published several horror anthologies himself. When I can find the review posted publicly online I'll link to it, but here's a taste for now. (Depending on your upbringing, may include "dangerous words"; if this post's title offended you, beware...)
One hell of an anthology, Coach's Midnight Diner. ... This is for horror fans who think Peretti is just touching the iceburg. ... Got to hand it to the Coach. ... Part Lovecraftian Horror, Part Crime Noir, Part Weird Fiction, but an all out asskicking.

A must for fans of Lovecraft, Richard Matheson, Edgar Allan Poe, Algernon Blackwood, and Stephen King. ... They can't say Christian Fiction can't be dark and brutal! This thumbs their nose at them. Christian Fiction is going where dragons live.... FINALLY! An anthology with Christians who just write the damn story.

Enjoy this with a cup of coffee, a shot of whiskey, or even a case of beer (don't get too wasted because this thing has a message.) A Christian anthology for a crowd who listens to heavy metal music ... who wear a lot of black and listen to Goth Rock or Heavy Metal.

...This anthology packs a mean uppercut when it is written to turn the other cheek. Coach underestimated the intense nature of this one. ... The stigmas of Christian Anthologies are permanently shattered....

...They have a strong faith in God but they are total badasses about it. Christian or Non-Christian -- you'll enjoy this if you like Speculative Fiction.

--- Nickolaus A. Pacione
Editor, The TABLOID PURPOSES series.
Thanks for the high praise, Nickolaus.

Order your copy of Coach's Midnight Diner while they last.



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Not only is that a great review, it made me laugh out loud. Probably not his intention, but the vocabulary combined with the genre is probably pretty atypical for Christian writing.

But I think it definitely means CMD is getting to its target audience. Bravo!
Blogger Jennifer Tiszai, at 8:06 PM  
Blogger Jenny, at 11:40 AM  

Actually it is coming from a small press renegade, I've published at least six anthologies to my name now -- TABLOID PURPOSES has four anthologies, Quakes And Storms, and More Frightening Than Fiction. I wouldn't link my blog because it is too offensive and more dangerous words than you would imagine.

Tabloid Purposes is infamous for a few f-bombs here and there, but one thing isn't really rampent in the series is erotic content. It's violent though and dark. I've seen authors I worked with in Tabloid Purposes and thought they could have worked in this one too.

I know the small press anthologies well because I own a few of them mentioned in the complete review of it. Tabloid Purposes as an anthology will have blasphemous content in there at the same time having stories by Christian writers too.

Coach recognized one of the authosr who is in Tabloid Purposes 3 because he sent him a story called "Art of the Deal" it didn't fit the diner but worked with Tabloid Purposes 3.

I was thinking finally an anthology that can actually give the secular counterparts a run for its money including mine. Tabloid Purposes as an anthology broke a lot of new ground because I tried to keep erotic content out of the anthology, but I encouraged authors to go double duty with the more dangerous kind of subject matter. I even written some rather dangerous stories that dealt with Voodoo and dark endings.

It means vollumes when a secular horror writer finds a Christian anthology. And that anthology has a similar intensity. Examples check out the stories in issue five and Tabloid Purposes IV -- the story that opened it all up showed the kindship between this anthology and a Tabloid Purposes (the earlier installments) because I've specialized in publishing Lovecraftian Horror.

Anonymous Nickolaus Pacione, at 3:38 AM  

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