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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Nutty as Squirrel Poo

It's been quiet here the last couple days as I've been reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The title of this post is my favorite line from the book.

Did I like it? Yes. Did it stretch things a bit far? Yes. Were there quite a few treading water scenes/chapters spent waiting for something to happen. Yes. And in parts it felt like the James Bond flick Die Another Day, which had to make subtle and not-so-subtle references to all the other Bond flicks that had gone before. Still, enjoyable. And done. And probably my favorite after Prisoner of Azkaban.

It might be quiet here the next couple days, too, as I go and read all the blog posts I've been avoiding for fear of spoilers.

BTW: Voldemort is evil.



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so is umbridge!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:57 AM  
If youse is gonna go round telling folks that Voldemort is EEEEVUUUUUUHHHLL, you really need a spoiler alert, there buddy.

Plus, I tagged you with a meme like a couple days ago. Or maybe yesterday. I'm getting old and feeble and I forget stuff.

Mir<--really hates Umbrage and was glad to see that witch with a B Bellatrix get it...
Blogger Mirtika, at 12:56 PM  
The Voldy is evil thing was how I "ruined" books 5 and 6 for campers the past few summers.

Wanna know Voldemort's secret?

No! lalalalalala


He's evil.


I'll check on that meme, Mir.
Blogger Chris, at 3:25 PM  
Here's the question that's been bothering me: how did Neville get the sword back from the troll?
Blogger Heather, at 3:27 PM  
I noticed that, too, Heather. Oops.

Also, why did HHR get picked up as runaways when everyone was away from Hogwarts for Easter break?
Blogger Chris, at 3:59 PM  
as to Neville - JKR discusses it in her chat: **SPOILER ALERT**

Su: How did Neville get the Gryffindor sword, is there a link to the hat?

J.K. Rowling: Yes, there is very definitely a link to the hat! Neville, most worthy Gryffindor, asked for help just as Harry did in the Chamber of secrets, and Gryffindor’s sword was transported into Gryffindor’s old hat — the Sorting Hat was Gryffindor’s initially, as you know. Griphook was wrong — Gryffindor did not ‘steal’ the sword, not unless you are a goblin fanatic and believe that all goblin-made objects really belong to the maker.

(see http://www.bloomsbury.com/harrypotter/events/)

JM :o)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:32 PM  
How conveeeeeeeeeeenient.
Blogger Chris, at 4:40 PM  
Actually, I thought that was probably why Neville got the sword, too -- that whole ask for help and it will come thing.

I liked the book a lot but there were some very sad places -- but I won't spoil it anyone who hasn't read it yet. But, yes, there was a bit of a sag in the middle. Still, overall, I thought she pulled it all off quite well. And since I couldn't put it down, I guess I can't grumble too much about her style.
Blogger lindaruth, at 7:58 AM  
Yes, Spoileroos:

Yep. That was not a hitch for me. I knew as soon as the hat came flying down that the sword would come. Cause, hey, you had to kill the Horcrux with it (ie, Nagini).

Blogger Mirtika, at 2:47 PM  

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