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Friday, November 23, 2007

A Musical Interlude with Phil

I joined the zombies over at WalMart this morning at 4:00am for the feeding frenzy known as Black Friday/post-Thanksgiving shopping. Walked away with a new digital camera. The Kodak Z710.

Decent pictures -- Phil lost one of his top front teeth on Tuesday (and based on the angle of the remaining one, it won't be in there for long), here's how that looks.

The big selling point on the camera, however, was the 30 frames-per-second video with sound. It's not full-fledged camcorder quality, but it's good. Good enough to commit this musical interlude to posterity: Fanfare from the Common Phil. (YouTube has tweaked the sound some. If you have an onboard equalizer, pump up the bass to adjust for the Donald Duck effect...)

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kickin It Old School

Well, grade school, at least.

cash advance

See also: Mich, Linda, and Angie.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Try Buying Try Dying

See what I did there? <sigh>

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is featuring Try Dying by James Scott Bell.


James Scott Bell is a former trial lawyer who now writes full time. He is also the fiction columnist for Writers Digest magazine and adjunct professor of writing at Pepperdine University.

His book on writing, Plot and Structure is one of the most popular writing books available today. The national bestselling author of several novels of suspense, he grew up and still lives in Los Angeles, where he is at work on his next Buchanan thriller.


On a wet Tuesday morning in December, Ernesto Bonilla, twenty-eight, shot his twenty-three-year-old wife, Alejandra, in the backyard of their West 45th Street home in South Los Angeles. As Alejandra lay bleeding to death, Ernesto drove their Ford Explorer to the westbound Century Freeway connector where it crossed over the Harbor Freeway and pulled to a stop on the shoulder.

Bonilla stepped around the back of the SUV, ignoring the rain and the afternoon drivers on their way to LAX and the west side, placed the barrel of his .38 caliber pistol into his mouth, and fired.

His body fell over the shoulder and plunged one hundred feet, hitting the roof of a Toyota Camry heading northbound on the harbor Freeway. The impact crushed the roof of the Camry. The driver, Jacqueline Dwyer, twenty-seven, an elementary schoolteacher from Reseda, died at the scene.

This would have been simply another dark and strange coincidence, the sort of thing that shows up for a two-minute report on the local news--with live remote from the scene--and maybe gets a follow-up the next day. Eventually the story would go away, fading from the city's collective memory.

But this story did not go away. Not for me. Because Jacqueline Dwyer was the woman I was going to marry.

In Try Dying, this fast-paced thriller, lawyer Ty Buchanan must enter a world of evil to uncover the cause of his fiancee's death--even if hie has to kill for the truth.
"Bell is one of the best writers out there...he creates characters readers care about...a story worth telling."
~Library Review~

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Got Issues?

The Wittenburg Door has added the contents of Issue #214 on their website. This is the Christmas Issue I mentioned a while back.

Good stuff throughout; among my faves are William Jolliff's "They'll Know We are Christians by Our Stuff," Fred Allen's "Things Jesus Wouldn't Say," and Jane Lebak's "The Book of Cat-Lovers." (TBoCL is funny even if you, like me, aren't a cat lover.) Among Jamie Crossan's "Vision Statements You're Not Likely to See" is
"We dream of a time when evey soul shalt love the timbrel. Verily."
I've been to that church (though that wasn't actually their "official" vision statement...).

Check it out.

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Gee Whiz

I'm into the H's on my A-Z iPod journey. The G's just whizzed by.

Phil was talking about my iPod this morning. He said I had "an ocean of songs on it, and, when I wanted to play a song, I got my fishing rod out and pulled out a song." Good word picture, boy, but you're not getting an iPod.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

R'lyeh Redux

Although my short story "In R'lyeh, Jesus Walks" has just come out in Coach's Midnight Diner, it will also be appearing in the very near future in the Best of Relief '06-'07 journal.

Collect 'em all?

Yes. Collect 'em all.

One of the awesome things about being pubbed in CMD was having my story appear with those of some folks I knew and knew of (Linda, Mark, Matt, Suzan, etc.). This time around it gets to hang out with stories by buddies Angie Poole, Mike Snyder, Chris Fisher, and a piece by publishing maven David Long. Lots of other cool folks in there, too; the aforementioned are just the ones I've had the privilege of meeting personally.

Once again, be sure to pick up a copy.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Check Out This Book (or Buy It): Deadfall

Back o' the Jacket:

Deep in the isolated Northwest Territories, four friends are on the trip of a lifetime. Dropped by helicopter into the Canadian wilderness, Hutch, Terry, Phil, and David are looking to escape the events of a tumultuous year for two weeks of hunting, fishing, and camping.

Armed with only a bow and arrow and the basics for survival, they've chosen a place far from civilization, a retreat from their turbulent lives. But they quickly discover that another group has targeted the remote region and the secluded hamlet of Fiddler Falls for a more menacing purpose: to field test the ultimate weapon.

With more than a week before the helicopter rendezvous and no satellite phone, Hutch, a skilled bow-hunter and outdoor-survivalist must help his friend elude their seemingly inescapable foes, as well as decide whether to run for their lives...or risk everything to help the townspeople who are being held hostage and terrorized.

An intense novel of character forged in the midst of struggle, survival, and sacrifice. Deadfall is highly-aclaimed author Robert Liparulo's latest rivetingly smart thriller.

Get Downloads and EXCERPTS at www.LIPARULO.com

What Folks're Saying:
"DEADFALL is drop-dead great!"
-In The Library Reviews

"What if Mad Max, Rambo, and the Wild Bunch showed up-all packing Star Wars type weapons? You'd have Robert Liparulo's thrilling new adventure Deadfall."
-Katherine Neville, best selling author of The Eight

"A brilliantly crafted thriller with flawless execution. I loved it!"
-Michael Palmer, best selling author of The Fifth Vial

"In Deadfall, Robert Liparulo gives us a fresh fast paced novel that instills a well founded fear of the villians and an admiration for the people who refuse to be victims. It truly deserves the name thriller.
-Thomas Perry, best selling author of The Butcher's Boy and Silence

"Another brilliantly conceived premise from Robert Liparulo. Deadfall will leave you looking over your shoulder and begging for more."
-Dave Dun, best selling author of The Black Silent

A Note from Bob:

I’d like to give away five signed copies of Deadfall to readers of CFBA blogs during my tour. All they have to do is sign up for my e-mailing list (they won’t be inundated!) by going to my website (www.robertliparulo.com) and going to the “Mailing List” page. Or email me with “CFBA giveaway” in the subject line.

And a second NOTE from Bob: I wanted to let you know that I’m holding a contest on my site:

*one winner a week till the end of the year for a signed Deadfall

**one winner a week till the end of the year for an unabridged audio MP3-CD of Deadfall

***and on Dec. 31, I’m giving away an iPod Nano, pre-loaded with an unabridged audio recording of Deadfall

Winners are selected from my e-mailing list—sign up at my site. If a winner has already purchased what he/she wins, I will reimburse them for the purchase price (or give them another—whichever they choose), so they don’t need to wait to see if they win before buying Deadfall.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Star Student

Phil was one of four second graders named Star Student this week at his elementary school. This means he was chosen by his teacher to represent his class (there are four second grade classes, each appointed a student). Phil got to appear in the TV announcements (yes, his school delivers their daily announcements via television -- high tech!) and say his name and which classroom he's from.

Way to go, Phil!


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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Slipped My Mind

Meant to blog on this earlier in the week but didn't. I've got another short in The Door Insider: "Osteen Outdoes Virgin Mary, Pope in Miraculous Appearances".

Among the nifty revampings at Door website is the ability to comment on the newsletter articles. Have fun.

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