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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rebooting Windows

Here's a new one for me. Was driving around this morning with the driver's side window down. Pushed the "roll-up" button and -- nothing. Pushed is again. Still nothing. Several more times ... are you detecting the pattern?

So, what do you do when Windows (the operating system) craps out on you? That's right. Turned off the car. Said a prayer. Turned the car back on. Problem solved.

A few minutes later the right-side turn signal did that spazzy thing where it blinks on and off really fast. My in-laws had warned me about that one. Stopped the car. Got out and slapped the front right turn signal really hard. No pain, no gain -- and it solved the problem, too.

That seemed to get the gremlin out of the car (which, double-fortunately, is not an AMC Gremlin). No problems since. Yay.

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I wonder when Bill Gates started building cars? I guess he needed another medium with which to pull pranks. Candid Windows.
Blogger pacmandogbert, at 7:53 PM  

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