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Saturday, September 15, 2007

My New Favorite Book

Had a day on the town with Phil today. Hit Evan Almighty at the dollar theater (good flick), then drove down to Half Price Books. Picked up Comma Sutra for $4, but the book I went in after wasn't there (not surprising since it's relatively new).

After a trip to the mall we stopped at Barnes & Noble, and on the the way to reference section I grabbed a copy of Tony Hines' The Dead Whisper On. Couldn't find what I was looking for at B&N, either, not that Tony's book isn't a fine piece of fiction. Checked with customer service and they said it should be on the shelf. Tried again and there it was.


The Yo Momma Vocabulary Builder.

I'm hoping to make vocab studying more enjoyable for my students -- last week's look up words and write sentences wasn't the high point of anyone's week. And while my favorite example from the book, "Yo Momma's so taciturn she makes Calvin Coolidge look like Rutherford B. Hayes," probably won't be a class favorite, I'm hoping the concept will be a big hit.

Some examples I'll probably model based on current and last week's words:We'll see how it goes...


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Just read "Moonshot" at dka. I enjoyed it...took me a while to read it, as I've been busy with a new job and a new baby. I'm still processing the ending. I read in your bio that you're in Dallas now, pursuing a teaching credential. Small world. I'm in education too, about two hours from you. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the story. You ought to enter the SFReader.com short fiction contest...$400 first prize, no entry fee...They're taking entries between Nov 1 and Dec 31...I'll enter, if I can think of any kind of decent plot.

John Kuhn
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:24 PM  

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