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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bob Newhart and I: The Devil You Say?

Got another short in The Wittenburg Door Insider, illustrated with a picture of the Bobster in full red-cowl-and-horns costume.

Thanks WDI guys for the match-up. And for running another story of mine.

Read "The Devil You Say".

(Note: there's a link on the main 5/30 newsletter page to an AP story about an injured baby (referenced in my "article"). It's a disturbing story. If you read it and come away disturbed, I will say I told you so. You were warned.)

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fyi. your link from CFBA doesn't work. at least it didn't when I tried it.

have a good day.
Blogger amyanne, at 2:46 PM  
Congrats on this latest article but I have to say, Chris, sometimes the way your mind works scares me;-) lol
Blogger Jenny, at 2:23 AM  
Since you haven't posted yet about WINNING THE DKA CONTEST AGAIN, let me congratulate you here. :)


from the announcement~~And the First Prize this year goes to....

“Moonshot” by Chris Mikesell
A minister of a technology-averse sect of Christianity wins a trip to a high-tech, Las Vegas style resort on the moon. Brimming with keen characterization and a distinctive authorial voice, this story has a Joycean epiphany that adds resonance to its finale. Great job, Chris. ~~
Blogger Mirtika, at 3:14 PM  

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