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Friday, May 18, 2007

Good Blurb

The finishing touches are being put on Coach's Midnight Diner, the coming-soon fiction anthology I've got a short story in. Here's a working-blurb for my story, written by the magazine editor, Coach Culbertson:
In R'lyeh, Jesus Walks
Chris Mikesell
Winner of the Jesus Vs. Cthulhu Category

Take a romp through space and time as Jesus and Lucifer take a trip to the sunken city of R'lyeh by way of a comic book convention. Filled with humor and poignancy, Mikesell puts a fascinating twist on the Cthulhu mythos that will keep you laughing and thinking the whole way through.

I've seen draft quotes of the other stories and this is something you're going to want to get in on.

When details firm up on blurbs and CMD availability expect to hear more.

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I cannot tell you how much I want my copy NOW. Any story with a comic book convention and Jesus has got to be fun...and with the Mikesell touch, well..woohoo.

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