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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Book me, Dano

Okay, nothing quite so dramatic as that (or detective McGarrett's hair), but I did get fingerprinted this evening as part of the background check process of becoming a teacher. Took the older two nephews along. They have no interest in spending additional time at the Collin County Detention Center. Stay in school, kids. Don't do drugs.

But speaking of books, we wound up at four comic book stores yesterday. Two in Plano, two just over the Richardson city limits, in Garland. The first shop only allowed one free comic per person; I thought "this'll be a long day." But things went better at shop #2: 4 comics per person. The day was essentially over at shop #3, where it was one per customer again, with a twist: one of each, per person. We went to shop #4 mostly because it was down the street, but also to stock up on the Clone Trooper non-HeroClix figure. Turned out to be a good move since shop #4 also had Mon Calamari non-HC figures, too ... and a loose ewok (and a few other figures) running around in the bottom of the giveaway box.

Hope y'all had a good weekend, too.

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