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Sunday, April 29, 2007

So *That's* What Bluetooth's All About

Finally took the big step and got a cell phone today. I had been looking at some pay-as-you-go set-ups, but decided to horn in on my brother's plan. Knowing I'd call Mom (collect if need be) and tell her that "Bill isn't sharing," he went along with the deal.

So I pay for the bump up in their service ($20 -- at least what I'd be spending per month with the pay-go set-up) and I got the free phone, which came with a free bluetooth headset.

(Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communications protocol. Kinda-sorta like infra-red tv remotes, with differences you can read about here or by visiting your local public library.)

My PowerBook came with Bluetooth, but I never really saw the point in getting any bluetooth peripherals. Do I really need a portable keyboard when I've got one built in? I do have a cordless mouse, despite the trackpad, but I went with the standard USB jobby so it's compatible with other (non-bluetooth) computers.

But the free bluetooth headset was a good deal. And now I'm one of those people who carry on conversations with the empty space two feet in front of their faces. The ones with the thing in their ears, not the ones abducted by aliens or conducting liver-pickling experiments on theirownselves.

Plus the phone will talk with the Mac. And since the phone has a built-in camera, I'm able to transfer pix from phone to laptop ... and you can see things like this.

Aren't you blessed?

And, no, I'm really not doing that liver-pickling thing. Honest, Mom.


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Yeah, I like being able to link my phone with my Mac. It keeps my calendar and pics and address book. Kind of a nice feature.
Blogger Jennifer Tiszai, at 11:27 AM  
Except for the Mac trouble that Jen & Mike have had . . . It still seems like Macs have cooler stuff and that I'd like it more. An old roommate (that's an ex roommate not and aged one) had a Mac and I loved using hers.

BTW...what's wrong with liver-pickling? Why all the judgment against liver picklers. Geez.
Blogger Elaina, at 2:52 PM  
Jen: Maybe this will motivate me to start using the calendar and address book functions of the Mac.

Elaina: Marinading is one thing. Pickling is just wrong. Except, you know, with cucumbers.
Blogger Chris, at 10:56 PM  
Hey dFm -
You've been tagged.

Mmmm - pickles...
Blogger Jason, at 8:09 PM  

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