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Saturday, April 14, 2007

CFBA Saturday: Coral Moon

I've been out of the Christian Fiction Bloggers Alliance loop for a while. With the move and Flannery O'Connor's short stories (I finished!) and Stephen King's Lisey's Story (another book with a whole lotta pages), I haven't had time for much else. Fortunately, I made time for Brandilyn Collins' Coral Moon, the second book in her Kanner Lake series.

Coral Moon picks up just about where Violet Dawn left off. The heroines of the first book are rooming together when they find another body. Bummer, ladies. The majority of the book is devoted to finding the killer before he (or she) strikes again ... or again. Interspersed with the main story are some chapters told from the killer's perspective, as well as some flashbacks detailing why the killer is so messed up.

There's some really tense stuff here. Tense to the point that I'd recommend changing all the lightbulbs in your house before tucking in. One bulb across the room popped while I was reading -- had to be a chapter about "the ghost," of course -- and that gave me the willies for a good while afterward.

About the only nit that I'd pick has to do with the police investigation. Once the story establishes that the cops find the "ghost theory" preposterous (don't dismiss it too early, though, OK?), there never really is a point where they approach the investigation from the line of "who would/could pull such a con and/or why?" It seems to me to be a reasonable line of thinking; I'm not a cop, though, so maybe not. (Fred, Daphne and Velma never ask those questions either and they do just fine in their ghost-busting endeavors; 'course they're just meddling kids with a dog...)

It was great catching up with the Java Joint gang again. Wilbur keeps his shirt on the whole time, so don't let his first-book exhibitionism keep you from grabbing a biggie mocha from Bailey's. Some good action goes down there too, so it's more integrated into the book than it was at times in Violet Dawn.

Can't wait 'til Crimson Eve comes out this Fall.

(Keep up-to-date with Brandilyn at her Forensics & Faith blog; or the Java Joint gang at Scenes & Beans.)

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Good to see you around dFm. Your CFBA/f*i*f buddies miss the regular reports. I'm praying that you get settled quickly with the move and get the family all together again. Good review on Coral Moon - I can't believe how tame Wilbur was this go around...
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