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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My First Flash Film

One of the several things I'm trying to do to make myself more marketable in today's competitive job market is learning Flash programming. I've had Flash MX on my PowerBook for like ever, but it's not obvious how to work it, so I never got around to learning.

A few days after I got here in Texas I picked up the Macromedia Flash MX Virtual Classroom book from Half Price Books for $10 (cover price is $40, so don't tell HPB I got it for quarter-price). I've finally worked through the first half of the book and arrived at the first tutorial: make the basketball go through the hoop. The tutorial gives the big steps needed, but not "click here--no, no, you fool here!" instructions. Nevertheless I was able to figure things out.


I'm winded from all those baskets. Someone bring me a Gatorade. Thanks!

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I am way impressed! And when I finally catch up on all I'm supposed to do, would you teach me how to make my PC do that? :-)

Abundant blessings,
Jenny Cary
Blogger Jenny, at 7:47 AM  
That's very cool.
Blogger lindaruth, at 7:55 AM  

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