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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Avuncular Lone Star Webfoot

So except for the South Park posts [1, 2, 3], things have been quiet on the blog lately. Here's the deal: I have relocated myownself down to Richardson, Texas, to look for work.

Here are some questions you may be wondering (with answers on odd-numbered questions):
  1. Is this temporary?
    Could be.

  2. How do you make cheese?

  3. Could the move be long-term?
    Yeah, that too.

  4. Where do baby earthworms come from?

  5. Are you and Dina split up?
    Only geographically. She's staying in Oregon at present, transitioning the conference center to whatever comes next (a whole 'nother set of questions I really can't answer) ... and then who knows.

  6. If a train leaves Chicago heading south at 10:42a on Thursday and a Trailways bus leaves St. Louis heading north at 11:59a and both travel at an average speed of 47 mph -- OK, knock it off.

  7. What's the deal with the boy?
    Phil is finishing up first grade and brave-soldiering it with Dina. He will be coming out to visit this summer (maybe stay ... who knows). He only let me come out here because he knows it means he'll get to stay with his cousins when he visits.

  8. No, seriously, where do baby earthworms come from?

  9. Texas?
    My brother and his wife generously offered me their eldest son's room. Living 30-45 minutes from jobs in Oregon meant it wasn't possible to find work that would cover the gas and other expenses involved in taking a job (being rested and ready-to-go didn't make up for having been "out of work" for seven years when seeking jobs that would have kept me in the Eugene area). Here I'm within walking distance of several good-sized decent employers (including SuperTarget and Staples), and Vespa distance of a lot more than was available in Eugene. Even if I get a fuel-efficent car to travel by free/tollway, right now other expenses are minimized.

  10. If you say "I'm telling you for the last time" repeatedly, is that called "making a multimatum"?

  11. I really want to know where baby earthworms come from, can you help me?

  12. Knock, knock?

  13. You sound uncertain of a lot of details. Is that about right?
    Yeah. A lot of stuff feels made up as we go along. But we're trusting that this is the right thing to do for right now. Later some other right thing may come along. God knows what's what. As for us ... we'll see.

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3 Snarky Remarks:

Someday I should tell the story of how we ended up in Kansas -- talk about your adventures in moving! But it's long. Suffice it to say, sometimes (many, many times) God shows us his plan bit by bit, and it's a lot like following a trail of m&m's through the forest. But there is a trail and it does lead somewhere. Blessings on your journey.

You and Dina and Phil are in my prayers. :)
Blogger lindaruth, at 8:02 AM  
I've got a question! Should plummers be arrested for soliciting crack? Okay, I'll keep praying for you and you keep praying for me. Hang in there Dude.
Abundant blessings,
Jenny Cary
Blogger Jenny, at 9:39 AM  
LOL, Jenny. I love a good joke about crack. And plumbers. And plumber's cracks.

Chris, not only did this make me laugh out loud but I wanted to tell you that I just went through a stage like this myself. And to some degree there are still a few aspects of my life that are in that up in the air state.

I promise you, it will fall into place! There's something really awesome about being open to whatever He might do. All along I had to keep looking for work, for a place to live, etc., etc. but I kept saying, "Whatever. Whatever you want." And it was so worth it.
Blogger Elaina M. Avalos, at 12:40 PM  

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