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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mikesell Family Pride Points

In the past we've used Hot Wheels to reward Phil for good behavior. Then it got to the point where he expected a new car every week whether he'd been especially good or not. Now roughly $50 a year for a (fairly) well-behaved boy isn't a bank-breaker, but the number of cars becomes overwhelming and when they're expected as a matter of course, that doesn't go over very well.

So we're stealing a behavior-mod thing from Phil's school. (Hey, our tax dollars paid for it in the first place, right?) There they earn Laker Pride points which are redeemable for junk the kids bring home and grind into the carpet. We're using Mikesell Family Pride points to control the intake of new Hot Wheels cars. Right now Phil gets points every day for doing the following:
75 points gets him a new Hot Wheels.

The other behavior mod thing they do at his school is give "bubbles" for bad behavior. His teacher has little angel fish decorations, each bearing the name of a student. Bad behavior and she draws a "bubble" coming out of the student's fish's mouth. Each bubble gets them a time-out. Four bubbles, a trip to the principal's office. Or something like that. I don't fully understand it other than bubbles are bad.

We haven't had to implement this yet -- the threat of "do we need to give you a bubble" still works. Though it draws stares if we ask it loudly in public.

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