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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Free Antivirus Software ... and More

Need antivirus software? Need to keep a tight rein on your cashflow? In that case a free download of Norton Antivirus may be just what you need.

Available to PC users in almost 20 countries this offer also includes optional downloads of Google Desktop Toolbar, Screensaver, and Picasa; Ad-Aware anti-spyware software; Mozilla Firefox web browser; Adobe Reader; Skype; and more. All the optional software programs are regularly freebies, but a bundle can be a nice option, too.

Check out freeantivirusinfo.com (sponsors of this post) and see if the deal sounds right for you and your PC. The software comes from a Google.com site, so you shouldn't need a virus scanner to scan the download of the virus scanner (which if you had in the first place you wouldn't need to download the software in the second place ... ow, my brain ...).

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