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Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Supercar Is Ours (Among Other Things)

When Phil was a toddler -- and we got our Subaru Forester -- he called it (and all Suburus he recognized as such) a Supercar. As of last month we finally paid it off (I thought we had another payment, but apparently not).


I also went back to Kohl's this morning and found a better selection of nice shirts on the clearance racks without post-Christmas stainage. Picked up five.

Also got a nifty art deco-esque alarm clock that wakes to iPod. (Now I just need a track of applause to wake to, like in ... was it Just You and Me, Kid? Pretty sure George Burns was in whatever it is I'm thinking of.) Also works well as an iPod speaker unit.

Got yourself an unexpected goodie or three? Do tell.



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