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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February Update: Reading and Writing

Well, I'm at 10 books for the year (9.33 actually, since one of the graphic novels I read -- only at 7 books if you don't count graphic novels ... but I do -- was one-third of a complete work), 2 non-fiction. It's about where I want to be.

Finally made my third submission for the year (the non-fiction deal called TAXES; already been accepted in two markets -- federal and state -- and both of them are paying markets, so woo-hoo! for me). The fourth I hope goes out by the end of the week. Looking at March and April I've got a piece of work ahead if I enter all the short-story contests I plan to. Fortunately I have material to work with for all but one of them, so that's something. (Just got to write the stuff...) Here's the deadline run-down:

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