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Friday, February 23, 2007

PayPerPost Update

So, prior to this post, I’ve run one ad as part of the payperpost.com program. It took (what felt like) a really long time to get it approved, but it was really just over a week. And someday soon I’ll be fifty dollars richer. Or less poor. Whichever way, fifty bucks is fifty bucks. Yay for President Grant.

I’m still learning the ropes, figuring out the “system,” but it doesn’t seem too difficult. Right now there are a lot of ads I’m not “qualified” for. Big money ads. Thousand dollar ads. Man, that’d be sweet.

There are lower (but still decent) money ads for things I’m not all that interested in pitching. Credit loans, insurance, mortgages, things that smell, if not scammy, at least like you might get taken advantage in the fine print. Might just be me, though. I’m skeptical about things.

Which is why, I suppose, it took me until after the first ad cleared before I considered running a second one. This one. For PayPerPost itself.

According to their marketing info, PPP charges a 35% commission on the ads you run. (Guess that $50 is down to $35.50. Still, $35.50 is...) Apparently other companies take a larger cut -- yikes! PPP also requires you to disclose the ads. Fine by me (yeah, I'm going overboard with the in-text notes and the category tags; the graphic/link at the bottom is the only one required). But they welcome all-comers (big blogs and ones like mine) and it’s always nice to be wanted.

Want to be wanted, too? Check out PPP’s blog marketing program.

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