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Friday, February 16, 2007

CFBA Friday: Christian Writer's Market Guide

I had hoped to have been able to review a copy of Sally Stuart's Christian Writer's Market Guide for this week's blog tour. I had wanted to compare it to the Writer's Digest Writer's Market, maybe work up a grid of pros/cons, haves/have nots. Definitely a critique that was lucid, intelligent, and well thought-out.

To (further) paraphrase Judge Chamberlain Haller, "Denied."

My copy didn't arrive this week. Probably in the cargo hold of a Jet Blue or Delta flight out on the tarmac somewhere. <sigh>

Linda Gilmore's got the specs on the book over at Musings from the Windowsill. Dee Stewart highlights one of the ways the book can be put to quick use at her Christian Fiction blog. Check the CFBA blogroll to see who's got what-else going on.

And be sure to stop by Sally Stuart's website, too; lots of good stuff there.

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