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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Shout Out: Courtyard Marriott

Dina headed down to Austin, Texas, yesterday afternoon. (Well, first she headed up to Portland, then down to Phoenix, and then over and down to Austin.) She got in 10:30ish and set about finding her hotel.

She had reservations with a Courtyard Marriott hotel via Priceline, but unfortunately the chain doesn't have a private airport-hotel shuttle service in Austin. So she bought a ticket for a third-party shuttle (name omitted because I can't remember it, not to protect their anonymity), gave them the name of the hotel, and headed downtown. When she arrived at the Courtyard, she discovered the Hilton Austin (site of the 2007 ACA Conference and today's destination) right next door. She also discovered that she had given the shuttle driver the wrong address: her Courtyard was back the way she'd come, much closer to the airport.

But the guy at the front desk [name will be updated in the near future, I hope] went ahead and comped her the night's stay (the Priceline fare is nonrefundable/already paid and the shuttle had long since driven off). Didn't have to. Could've charged her the going rate. Or called a cab or recalled the shuttle. Or laughed and laughed and laughed. But he didn't do any of that (at least he didn't laugh while she was around).

So thanks, Courtyard Austin Downtown/Convention Center. You've made friends.



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