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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Now (over)Hear This

Internet pal Heather got me hooked on the Overheard in the Office website a few weeks ago. Sample:
Coworker: I'm trying to open an email attachment and the virus software isn't letting me because it says it has a virus. Can you come turn off the virus software so I can open it?

IT chick, shocked: No!
Some funny stuff there. Also, salty language and subject matter inpropriate for ... well, I don't know who it would be appropriate for.

Don't miss sister sites Overheard at the Beach...
Bimbette looking up at cliff face: Hey, do rocks eat other rocks?
Guy: ... Huh?
Bimbette: Do rocks eat other rocks? You know, so that they can grow into bigger rocks...
Guy: Are you serious? No, rocks do not eat other rocks.
Bimbette: Then, like... How do they get bigger?
Guy: [Silence.]
Bimbette: Like, what do they eat?
...and Overheard in New York
Fat college guy on cell: I only read books with robot insects on the cover. If it doesn't have robot insects, I slap a sticker on. Pride and Prejudice? Robot insects on the cover makes it better.
Sometimes the titles given to the quotes are as funny (or funnier) than the quotes themselves. For instance the Beach quote above was posted under the title "The Answer Is Sedimentary, My Dear Watson." Heh heh heh.

Again, if you have language and content concerns, stay away. If you can ignore the offensive ones -- and have time on your hands (they're addictive) -- check 'em out.

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I think one would find lots of fodder in "Overheard in Airports" too.
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You're welcome.
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Ha, these are good links! This could become addicting...

Thanks derFielden

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