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Monday, January 29, 2007

Almost as Good as the Rainman

Here's the sitch: you need a simple mathematical calculation done, 9 x 12.75, for instance. Back in my PC days I'd have hit the Windows and R keys, typed in "calc" and keyed in the equation. More recently, I'd hit ctrl and the space bar, then C and Enter, to bring up the calculator via Quicksilver.

And while I've known you can enter an equation into a the search field at Google and it will return the solution, I've seldom remembered that fact before launching a calculator program separately.

Behold the joy of the Google search field in the upper-right hand corner of Firefox. Simply key in the math: 9*12.75, and before you even hit enter the answer appears in a drop down from the search field (=114.75). It's just that easy.

Impress your loved ones. Your friends. Yourself.


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