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Saturday, January 20, 2007


Stopped by StVdP earlier in the week and picked up a couple CDs. One, Peter Gabriel's Us, I've been hunting for a while. The other, a John Debney/Royal Scottish National Orchestra recording of Bernard Herrmann's score for The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, was an unexpected treat. (They also had six or eight soundtracks by Danny Elfman, but I hadn't seen the movies, so I passed.)

If you're looking for Christian music at near-thrift store prices, check out some of the deals at Christian Discs' $3.99 (or less) sale. Some of my favorites:
Can't vouch for, but wouldn't be surprised to find it excellent:
Phil Keaggy: Cinemascapes

In the event that Sandi Patti/y is more your style:
Artist of My Soul, All the Best, Find it on the Wings

See something I missed in the almost 300 CDs on sale? Give me an earful in the comments (and don't miss the other almost-300 CDs in the $6.99 Super Sale).

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