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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Icy and Dicey

I had an early dentist appointment this morning. 7:30. It normally takes 45 minutes to get from home to the part of town I had the appointment, but I left at 6:30 in case weather was bad or there was traffic. With log trucks you never know what to expect (sometimes they trundle along at 40, sometimes they go faster than any sane person would attempt). No log trucks. No traffic, really, until I got well into town.

What there was, was ice. Lots and lots. Miles and miles. Of ice.

The first ten miles took about half an hour. That included the hill at Low Pass, which had several cars off to the side, spinning their wheels on the western face. I was all alone on the north side (the road takes a 90-degree turn at the top), which was just fine by me: didn't need anyone to see me fishtailing at the bottom of the hill (the 90-degree turn that heads the road back east).

The next half hour was spent traveling the rest of the way to Junction City (15-ish miles). A few more cars nosed off the road, a little more testing of the limits of Subaru's All-Wheel Drive system, a lot more conversating with God.

Wound up a half hour late to the dentist, which wound up being a half hour earlier than he could see me.

Fifteen-minutes-in-the-chair later I was back on the road. Which took me as far as the Barnes & Noble a mile away. For about an hour, a large coffee, and a two-degree bump in the weather.

The road back home was slushy. Slower going than usual, but no real hazards.

By comparison, the mail/bank run this afternoon was dull. Blissfully, blissfully dull.

[6:45p -- just saw this via Drudge: home video of an Icy Street in Portland. Would have been too freaked to drive this morning if I'd seen that before heading out. Which wouldn't have necessarily been a bad thing...]


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That video was scary. I'm so glad no one looked to get hurt. My sound isn't working on this darn computer, so I don't know what was being said, but let's hope everyone stays safe.
Blogger Wendy Richards, at 9:24 PM  

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