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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Our First Snowman

We got about a half-inch to an inch of snow last night. Enough to close school today (possibly more snow fell elsewhere on the bus route, or the highway was icy at 5:30a when the district made the call, or the thought of trying to teach kids who'd rather be out playing prompted teachers to call in sick ... whatever). Anyhoo, Phil and I went out and had a snowball fight around 10:30 (beaned him good, right behind ear -- then invoked the "no faces" rule, which he promptly and most ruthlessly violated ... ouch).

I noticed a couple things while we were out playing. First, Phil's getting better at dodging snowballs. Second, when snowballs would sail past him (ooooh, so close!) they'd roll when they landed and pick up more snow. Now I thought that kind of thing only happened in cartoons and corny movies. But, no, apparently a rolling snowball will (under certain conditions; I've tried it before without success, hence my thinking it was a myth) get bigger and bigger until it engulfs Mr. Magoo or you turn it into a snowman.

Which is what Phil and I did for the first time ever.
Now to wait for Mr. Magoo to wander by...



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Love the snowman!!!

No snow here yet.
Blogger Michelle Pendergrass, at 8:43 AM  
No snow here yet, either. I'll be waiting until the cows come home in Texas.
Blogger Heather, at 11:51 AM  

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