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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welcome Tri-County News Readers

This week's Tri-County News, sibling-publication of the West Lane News, has an article* about, among other things. my participation in Brandilyn Collins' Scenes & Beans character blog. Please note that the photo caption mistakenly refers to Kanner Lake, site of S&B blog, as "his [i.e., my] fictional Idaho town." It's not. It's Brandilyn's -- I just wallop mailboxes there with a baseball bat late at night when everyone's asleep. And the "photo courtesy [me]" was taken by my son, Philip. Here's a color close-up.

Anyhoo, welcome TCN readers. Glad you stopped by. Links to other things I've written can be found by clicking the Published Works link in the left-hand menu. Enjoy!

*reprint of the August '06 WLN article.

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