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Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 Books Read

Rather than hitting my goal of 52 books last year, or even 48 (four per month), I wound up with only 37. And yes, I'm counting graphic novels as books, as well as Advance Review Copies and novel-length manuscripts. Hit 92% of my target for non-fiction, though: 11 out of 12. Average book length: 303 pages.

The 2006 List

2007's target? A novel a week would be nice, but who knows? 12 nonfiction books would be nice. I've counted the short stories in my Complete Stories of Flannery O'Connor and the Dorothy L. Sayers omnibus, Lord Peter, and the total is 52. So above and beyond whatever else I read, my goal is to finish both those books. If I finish early I've got the Complete Father Brown stories by Chesterton (50) and Ray Bradbury's Twice 22 (44) to keep me busy. And then there's the dozen or so novels in my "to be read" pile, not to mention a few more short story collections and nonfiction books.

In other book news, I picked up this from the discount table at Waldenbooks today: (M.C. Escher) Masterpieces in 3-D. Stereoscopic Escher prints: cool beans.



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I noticed my reading was slowing down too, so I decided to try and be more intentional about it, taking time each day to read. Not working perfectly yet, though getting the stomach flu did help me get through two books.
Blogger Jennifer Tiszai, at 10:11 AM  
I'm disappointed with how much reading I didn't get to do over Christmas. Less reading over the break than average nonbreak reading.
I don't know if I'll do a numbers goal, but I always have too many books on that pesky booklist. Like Bleak House and Anna Karennina or however you spell that name. And all those nonficts I bought at that theology conference.
Oy vey.
Blogger Heather, at 11:24 AM  

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