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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pocket-Sized Gat

Came across an interesting site the other day (circuitously via digg) that lets you make a nifty 8-page mini-booklet from a single sheet of paper (with clever folding and a scissors snip): PocketMod.

Thinking it'd be neat to make a pocket-sized "book," I made a template in InDesign and imported one of my Flashing in the Gutters stories to try it out. As an experiment it's not too shabby. There are some margin issues that require trimming with scissors after you print -- about a half inch at the bottom for me, your mileage may vary -- but it was a good learning experience.

Here's a PDF of my favorite of the three stories I contributed to FitG: Schrödinger’s Gat. (Click the "folding guide" button on the PocketMod page for instructions on how to create the booklet.)

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