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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Contest Starting, Voting Ends

Dragons, Knights and Angels magazine has announced the theme(s) of their 2007 short story contest: 1. Secrets, 2. New Life -- or choose both themes and enter twice. Not sure if that means a story about the secrets of new life (a la "Herbert West, Re-animator") is a no-no, or if it gets entered twice. Entry fee: $5 (with over $125 in prizes). Last year a number of good entries that didn't make the final three were picked up after the fact. Since DKA is a paying market, there's a possibility of re-couping your investment even if you're not a prize winner. So don't be a scairdy, crank up your steampunk Underwood and get going!

The voting period for Infuze magazine's "Best of 2006" poll is winding down. (Polls close at midnight EST on Thursday night, February 22nd.) If you haven't voted, get on over there. My poem Saint Francis and the Birds is doing well in the count according to recent voters, so consider voting for the excellent poems of Mike Duran (Seasons' Dance) or Marcia Lee Laycock (One Winter's Day), instead. Share the votes. Sharing makes friends.

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