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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Little Time, Big Money

I joined PayPerPost.com at the beginning of February. In less than a month I’ve made (with this post) $85 with them. That’s four posts ($50 plus 15 plus 10 plus 10), averaging over $20 per post. (I averaged less than $15 with short stories last year ... so this would be more.)

Will I have earned enough money to buy the Mac OS X “Leopard” upgrade for my PowerBook when it comes out and stabilizes in a few months? Here’s hoping. (A RAM upgrade would be nice too, but let’s not get crazy...)

Of course, that’s just if I blow the money on me. Dina’s been resting her ThinkPad on the nightstand by the bed recently, headphones on and listening to NPR podcasts as she drifts off to sleep. Maybe she’s hinting she’d like an nifty little iPod Nano. Or maybe she’s just tired of my Ira Flatow impersonation (“...and this is Science Friday...”).

Then again, March has several family birthdays (with more in April – another Nano opportunity for Dina – and so on, at least one a month, through the summer). And there are some trips coming up. And bills – there always seem to be bills.

Whatever, the extra money will come in handy. (What would you blow it on?)

By the way, this is sponsored content.

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