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Friday, March 02, 2007

Bus Stop Songs Phil Wishes I Wouldn't Sing

Phil and I usually get out to the schoolbus stop a few minutes early, giving me a chance to  embarrass him  start his day with a song.

So far, these haven't gone over very well (not that that stops me from singing them):
(to the tune of the Love Boat themesong)
The Love Bus
Taking you to the School of Looooooove
The Love Buh-us
[at which point Phil usually hits me]

(to the tune of Here Comes the Sun)
Here comes the Bus
Here comes the Bus
and I say
["Ow!" 'cause this is where he hits me again]

I do requests, so if you've got one you'd like me to take for a spin, list it in the comments. (The Hollies's Bus Stop is a bit too on-the-nose, sorry.)

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2 Snarky Remarks:

Great. Now I have those songs stuck in my head.
How bout - "we all live in a yellow school bus."
or "under the bus stop (out of the sun - or snow, in your case)"
even worse: "stop! in the name of education (school fits better, but it's so much more fun to fit three syllables into one)"
Blogger Heather, at 10:17 AM  
When I was 5, I proudly sang the following song to my entire Kindergarten class (at Dina's old elementary school) to the tune of Glory, Hallelujah. I believe this was the first time my mother was called in to discuss my ... behavior.

She wears her pink pajamas
in the summer when it's hot,
She wears her woollen undies in the winter
when it's not,
And sometimes in the Springtime ...
And sometimes in the Fall ...
She jumps between the sheets with
Blogger Shirley, at 4:06 PM  

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