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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Finding Yourself in Dallas, Texas

This morning I joined the chucklehead crew heading off to Krispy Kreme for breakfast. Good stuff.

Better stuff, however, at the Central Market next door. Mike-sell's brand kettle-cooked potato chips. We got the regular, Bahama BBQ, and cheesy chipotle styles. Mmmmm.

I've told Phil if a kid tries to bite him he should say, loudly and with confidence, "I am not food." But if we were, darn but we'd be tasty.

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3 Snarky Remarks:

Hey, Mich was supposed to get me some of those when I was visiting her. Sounds yummy. Of course, there's a downside to having friends with the last name of food, like you and Snyder. Makes me hungry.
Blogger Jennifer Tiszai, at 3:05 PM  
A-ha! The real reason behind Texas seems to have emerged.....
you've been waiting a long time for these chips, haven't you?


Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:27 PM  
Oh, my friend, Central Market? Yes, it's nice, but Whole Foods, now there's a store. I'm a convert. Used to hate grocery shopping. Now, if I'm having a bad day, I go to Whole Foods just for the heck of it.
Blogger Heather, at 10:25 AM  

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