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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Hope y'all had an excellent Easter. It was hard to be away from Dina and Phil today (especially since the boy got all cleaned up), but things were good here too. My youngest nephew joined his church as a junior member and nephs 1 and 2 participated in a "choreodrama," which veered into interpretive dance occasionally, but was pretty good over-all.

My parents also joined their church this morning, getting baptized while my sister Julie read their testimonies. Don't know if interpretive dance was involved there or not. (And lest anyone wonder as to my upbringing, the folks have been Christians for a long, long time, but their church didn't practice water baptism as an affirmation of faith. That's not how the Salvation Army rolls...)

Not sure what my youngest sister, Sarah, was up to today. Hope it was happy what/wherever it was.

And the rest of you, even if you don't celebrate the day, I hope today was wonderful, and you have more than enough ham (kosher if necessary) to last you awhile. If not, I'm pretty sure the choreodrama was taped; I'll see about getting you hooked up...

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We actually became members of the church several years ago. Our baptisms today were just our testimony to the fact that our sins are forgiven, that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, and that the Holy Spirit is guiding and directing our lives. Since we are now testifying in a different denomination, although very close to the Army, the Lord laid it on our hearts to testify in a manner that would be understood by those we now worship with.
(No interpretive dance...sorry we missed it.) Happy Easter!
Mom & Dad
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:01 PM  
Well, there you have it then. Glad you had a great Easter!
Blogger Chris, at 11:38 PM  

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