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Saturday, May 12, 2007

No Troubles With Tribulation

I missed out on the CFBA tour for Tribulation House two weeks ago. So let me make up for lost time by mentioning the book now.

This is the third in Chris Well's Kansas City Blues cops-vs-disorganized crime series. This time around a local church has predicted the Return of Christ(TM), set up an alternative Halloween spookhouse (the titular Tribulation House -- not to be confused with the rival church-sponsored Armageddon House), almost puts paying off the mob to a church board vote (several times) ... and then one of the deacons takes a mob "loan" to buy a $22,000 boat, figuring Christ's return will spare him from having to pay it back (or the consequences of not paying it back).

And that's just in the first half of the book.

Cops Pasch and Griggs are back, as is G-Man O'Malley, and plenty of comic book goodness. There are couple bargain-basement extortionists wandering around the story, a would-be city hall reformer, and the new Mr. Big on the block -- Ted Massey -- who's working a real estate angle that's got everybody wondering.

If you've read Forgiving Solomon Long and Deliver Us from Evelyn you're probably already reading TH. If not, you've got a nice little trilogy (so far) to work through this summer.

Hey, look -- here's the first chapter!


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