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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Downtown Dallas with the Birkses

After church this morning my brother and his family and I got together with friends from Seattle and their family. Rob Birks was the Best Man in my wedding, I was one of his groomsmen (not the Best Man, but the only one with appendicitis) when he married Stacy. It's been a couple years since I last saw Rob (5/14/05, in fact), so it was good to catch up.

We wound up going downtown to Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse for lunch (my first time there), and then walked down to Dealey Plaza to see the JFK assassination site (my first time there, too). Listened to a couple conspiracy theorists give their spiels. Brenda (my sister in law, for those of you who didn't buy the $5 program) pointed out the Conspiracy Museum near the JFK Memorial. Sounds like a definite destination sometime this summer.

Here are the pix I snapped with the camera phone:

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