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Monday, May 21, 2007

Silver Screen Gauntlet, Dallas Edition

A friend of mine further south in Texas has challenged me to watch three (potentially five) movies that inform her writing:
I challenged her to:
She's officially started Shaun. I've finished Fried Green Tomatoes. Always a pleasure to see Mary Stuart Masterson, who I've crushed on since the '80s. I can't think of an actress whose passing I've felt as strongly as Jessica Tandy's. (On the guys' side that would be Ossie Davis.)

I probably won't get to either of the others until after my trip next week, but I'm looking forward to them. My friend Angie's done quite well this year with stories in Infuze and another upcoming in Issue 3 of Relief (pre-order now!). A lot of that, I know, is hard and persistent work. But I see some FGT in the stories of hers I've read, too; so it's interesting to see that influence coming into play.

Got a movie that's influenced your career, writing or otherwise? Can't commit to seeing it (though I'll try -- as long as it doesn't feature Julia Roberts), but feel free to share with the group.

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2 Snarky Remarks:

I told Ang this - I love Into the Woods. Much better live, of course, but Sondheim (if you are talking about the musical, although that seems odd for you) is my favorite Broadway composer.
I see a lot of Steel Magnolias in her writing too (which goes along with FGT, I guess).
For me - Motorcycle Diaries and When Harry Met Sally (very different, I know).
Blogger Heather, at 9:20 AM  
Love the Sondheim musical (and Sondheim in general). Love the language (raiding my arugula), the characters (dueling Princes Charming), and the general wit of the play (I sort of hate to ask it, but do you have a basket).

And then there's the whole Narrator deal ("Once upon a time ... later" and Narrator: "You need an objective observer to pass the story along." Witch: "Some of us don't like the way you've been telling it.") and being able to attach a message (several) without being preachy.

Maybe I'll do a "favorite musicals" post so my appreciation of them won't seem so strange.
Blogger Chris, at 4:49 PM  

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