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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Oh Brother

Went to Staples tonight and bought a laser printer. Bought two, in fact.

The first, an HP model, didn't support Macs, so back it went. Would've been nice, though. $70 after rebate.

While the Brother model I replaced it with won't be as cheap after rebate, it was $10 cheaper to begin with. And it still broke the $100 mark (before tax--still getting used to life in the land of sales tax).

Paperwork is coming fast and furious (and will get faster and furiouser before it gives out). Most of it is coming via email (either in the email or as an attachment) and I don't process on screen nearly as well as I do on paper. Short notes are fine. Multi-page stuff with multiple to-dos and procedures. Nuh-uh.

Life is better now. Sales tax and all.

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Welcome to the land of laser printers, Chris! Big tip--somewhere there has to be a way to go "econo print" or some such wording. If you use it, it will double or triple your toner (at least it will seem that way). The toner replacement can get pricey. But so far I think I've printed off 4 complete manuscripts plus endless info from one toner cartridge and still have toner to spare. And isn't it fun to watch the papers just fly through? Enjoy!
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