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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Coach's Midnight Diner: The Pre-Sale

Coach's Midnight Diner, the genre anthology ("horror, mystery, crime, and paranormal goodness") that selected my short story "In R'lyeh, Jesus Walks" as the winner of its Jesus vs. Cthulhu contest has gone on pre-sale. It's slated to run $15, but you can save a buck by ordering now (hey, order more, save more -- well, sorta).

But, you ask, what's in this anthology? And what does the cover look like?

Worry not; I've got you covered.

But we like worrying. When we don't have something to worry about we start to panic.


Here's a run-down of all the stories. My favorite title has got to be "The Gift of the Magi If The Magi Had Been Big Idiots" (by Paul Luikart). I mean, based on that title alone, if you haven't just now gone back to that first paragraph and clicked on the "pre-sale" link, there's something wrong with you (maybe it's a tumor, my oh so worrisome friend). Here's that link again.

And here's the cover. Mmmmm ... that's some good cover.

Once again, in case after seeing the cover you want to order more, here's that pre-order link.

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