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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Things You Learn

Mir Schultz blogged about a fun and free way to make your own Motivational posters. She's come up with some religious-themed ones, and challenged visitors to create their own.

I came up with one for Judas. Not entirely sure how that's supposed to motivate you, but it's a good thing to remember. Along with Proverbs 27:6.

Initially, I thought the tagline came from a book I had years ago (lost in a flood, alas), titled Minims. Fortunately, I found the book reproduced online (navigation buttons below the book page). Unfortunately, the saying wasn't there. "It is better to remain childless than to father an orphan" and "A man with a cabbage for a head
will never want for nourishment" were, though. Bathe in the profundity for a moment. Let it wash over you. No splashing.

So I racked my brain a little more. Finally remembered YHWH Is Not a Ratio Station in Minneapolis, found it on my bookshelf, and there it was. Under K for Kiss (Kiss instead of Judas would work on the poster; the context of Holbein's painting comes through, I think). YHWHINaRSiM is a book of "things everyone should know" about the Bible. Silly things. Snarky things. I love the two entries for the letter G:
G is for Gravy, which is never mentioned in the Bible.

G is also for God. He is mentioned in the Bible. A lot. I think you already knew that.
If you come across a copy in a used book or thrift store, check it out. (C. McNair Wilson, author of YHWHIN..., has a blog on creativity. Check that out, too.)

Meantime, make your own motivational poster (or otherwise get your point across) and link to it in the comments. It's free. It's fun. Silly and snarky work, too.


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