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Monday, November 27, 2006

Advent(ures in) Candle Lighting

See what I did there with the Advent and the Adventures in? D'ja see that? Did ya? Did ya? Okay, then. Moving on.

This afternoon I got three pix from my dad of Phil and Maggie lighting the advent candle in church yesterday (featuring Bill Stredde as the let's-not-burn-the-place-down-okay-kids? guardian).
  1. A

  2. B

  3. C
AndYou're now up to date on all the known photos of Phil. But don't rest too easy -- a photo op and strike at any moment!

Now? No.

Now? No.


Stay tuned.

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1 Snarky Remarks:

Great pix. Very cute.

I can understand the hovering guardian. When Sam was 5 I taught his Sunday School class and for the Christmas program that year they had to say a little rhyme. It had something to do with light or candles, so I thought it would be cute if the kids held a candle while they said it. Even with me right there, Sam held the candle a little too close and singed his bangs a bit. Nothing catastrophic, but still -- I should have reconsidered 5-year-olds and fire. :)
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