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Friday, November 17, 2006

CFBA Friday: Scoop

If you're looking for a fun read of the almost chick-lit/somewhat mystery variety -- and who isn't, really? -- get yourself a copy of Rene Gutteridge's new novel, Scoop. The first in a series of ex-clowns finding life after the family circus (not the cartoon with Billy and Jeffy and Barfy, but a real family circus), Scoop tells the story of Hayden Hazard who winds up as a news department intern for a foundering TV station and finds herself in front of the camera when the nightly news anchor goes missing.

The narrative and dialogue are witty and fast-paced, the characters varied, and the plot keeps you guessing. Christian themes abound, the most prevalent: trust God. I found Hayden a bit too good; though I didn't feel the need for her to have a dark side, a character flaw or two would have help her be more believable as well as give her character a chance to grow over the course of the novel. I found Ray Duffey, one of the reporters and the guy you hope Hayden ends up with, a more accessible Christian character. A few plot points didn't quite work, I thought, but the discussion of aliases for the "secret informant" blew me away.

If you're a fan Chris Well's Kansas City Blues series -- and you really should be -- the pacing and attitude of Scoop will be right up your street.

I was hoping to have a full-blown Book Chat today, but Rene hasn't gotten back to me yet. If/when she does, I'll put it up. Meanwhile, find out more about Rene, Scoop, and her other novels at renegutteridge.com. (And don't forget to hit other stops on the Scoop Blog Tour. See the CFBA scrolldown for links.)

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