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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Free AT&T Wireless Through Year's End

Granted, lots of places offer free wi-fi -- so this is less of a big deal than it would be otherwise -- but what if you're at the UPS Store or Barnes & Noble, which make you pay? Well, since they offer wireless service through AT&T and you've got this coupon code, it's as good as free (through December 31st).

UPS & BN are the hotspots in my area. Your locations may vary (McDonald's locations exempted). No time/frequentness restrictions listed on the coupon, so live it up -- at least until the clerk at the UPS Store gives you the hairy eyeball for making an office/fort out of their shipping boxes.

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2 Snarky Remarks:

Cool! Now I don't have to go to places I wouldn't normally like to go to get free wi-fi.
Blogger Neil, at 10:39 AM  
Ooh, thanks! Now that I'm out of the house all day Tuesdays and Thursdays I've been trying to find the best places to get free/low cost wifi.
Blogger Jennifer Tiszai, at 5:54 PM  

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