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Thursday, November 09, 2006

End of the Soccer Season

Tonight Phil's school hosted a pizza & dessert party to congratulate the three teams that suited up for soccer this year. Phil's 1st/2nd team wasn't the only one light on the older age group: the 5th/6th graders had only one middle schooler (even so, they went into the playoffs in third place out of six teams). All the teams were complimented on their sportsmanship, as evidenced by this picture of Phil clapping for someone who isn't even him.

Phil's team all got gloves with soccer-ball buttons on the back from their coach. I got a nice card and a bag of soccer-ball foil-wrapped chocolates for helping flag the ball out from the sidelines during the games.

Of course dessert was the big attraction of the evening. Phil went home well sugared-up ... just in time to wind down before bed. Oh well, he's off from school tomorrow, so if he's up a little late he can sleep in (please sleep in, please sleep in) in the morning.

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So, did the little man sleep in?

Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:31 PM  
9:30ish IIRC. Yay!
Blogger Chris, at 3:39 PM  

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