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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nearly Everything to Chance

...and/or Community Chest.

The online McDonald's Monopoly game has gone crazy. Every day you can play the codes from ten game pieces (no longer availble, but my sister sent away for a bunch in the mail so we're working through her stockpile); the past few weeks I've landed on Chance or Community Chest far more often than seems right. Today and yesterday I landed six times (winning a total of 150 digital prints from Snapfish each day). On Tuesday it was four out of ten. Last week, when I used up the last of my own gamepieces, I went two-for-three and two-for-two winning ringtones not compatible with our cellphone.

My sister has had similar results this week and last (when the ringtones weren't compatible with her cell either).

Got gamepieces laying around that you haven't played online? Now would be the time to use them.


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