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Monday, November 06, 2006

Ridiculous, Sublime

Remember the show American Inventor? I stopped watching when the sandbag-filling contraption dropped out, but I liked the premise of the show: handy gadgets to solve problems you may not have known you had. Fortunately -- or unfortunately, depending on your point of view -- there were plenty of Schadenfreude moments, with inventions that either didn't solve anything or had been featured in the Lillian Vernon catalog since 1972. TechEBlog has cataloged five inventions that fit the former "what-were-you-thinking?" bill: 5 Gadgets You Don't Want to Be Seen Wearing. You really have to watch the YouTube video for the portable cell phone booth to appreciate its good-performance-art, impractical-gadget nature; the final invention is pretty high on the creep-out meter so you might want to stop at #4 (the shower belt).

In the sublime category (or about as sublime as we get around these parts), check out today's post over at Brandilyn Collins' Forensics & Faith blog: My Dear Gobdrip (an intercepted communique from Uncle Screwtape to Nevvy Gobbo). Good reminders (well, bad, actually, coming from Screwtape; good if you turn things around, though); thanks Brandilyn!

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