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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Unwrapped

Busy halloween this year.

Phil got home from school and I took some more pictures of him and his costume.And a couple shots of the jack-o'-lantern:Then we headed into town for trick or treating at the mall. No pictures were taken; you've all seen the mall before. (Maybe not our mall, but it's not too different from the one near you ... unless you've got a high-end mall and then it's different, but you still don't need to see it.)

Then it was back to the practice football field at school forThen it was back home for a few pieces of candy before bed.

When offloading the pictures from our digital camera there was one photo that I didn't take. Did I push the shutter release button accidentally, or is the camera haunted? You be the judge (photo is larger than the others; it may take a while to download): Spooky Photo


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