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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How Not To Be Seen

Where's Philip?

Stopped by Phil's classroom on the way to get mail. He'd just filled a row in Jack-o-Lantern Bingo and was picking his bag of chocolate eyeballs when I arrived. Other costumes in the room included Jackie Chan, Blade, a pirate, a cowboy, a ninja, and a Gothic princess (think black and maroon velvet). Apparently the school secretary had been in earlier in a creepy witch's costume and chased Phil around the room.

More pix later after we've explored one or two trick-or-treating venues.

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Ah, how quickly little boys learn to reject the adorable costumes mom picks out for them and turn into little warmongers -- my own precious twosome would only wear costumes that were black, scary, disgusting, and preferably involved plastic weaponry from age 5 to age ... well, they're in their 20s and I'm still waiting for "adorable" to return ...

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